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Why Pleo is the best choice for your business

Pleo (/ˈpliːəʊ/) is undeniably one of the best credit cards for businesses out there today. For a relatively young startup, Pleo has received an impressive number of awards and recognitions, such as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 Award, Fintech 50 2020, Global Startup of the Year 2020, to name a few. It initially worked as a prepaid card, which means it drew funds from the account to which it was attached. But we come bearing good news! Pleo has finally started working as a commercial credit card.  Read more in Pleo review

Pleo allows employees to easily purchase on behalf of the company they work for, without having to deal with excessive paperwork afterwards. With Pleo, there is absolutely no need to submit reimbursement forms or expense reports every time. If that isn’t enough to convince you that Pleo is the best choice for your business, then we’ll name a few more of the top reasons you should. 


Pleo is certified with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). They also perform regular tests to ensure the quality of security. 


Pleo helps admins track their employees’ purchases in real-time. This comes in handy when a suspicious purchase is made, and you can easily block a card if you suspect any unauthorized use. 


Admins get a notification after a purchase is made.


You can set individual limits for each Pleo card and adjust them when needed. 


The fundamental cause behind Pleo is to avoid excessive paperwork. 


Pleo offers virtual cards for online purchases and plastic cards for in-store purchases. 


Users can sync their Pleo card with either Apple Pay or Google Pay and make payments at ease using their devices.


The Danish card is mostly used by small to medium-sized businesses of different industries, from Healthcare to retail. Pleo is continuously developing and in the process always make sure to cater to its clients’ needs. The commercial credit card is definitely a must-have for people who value security, time and ease. Pleo is partnered with MasterCard, JP Morgan, and Danske Bank – institutions that regularly ensure its customers are secured. Along with this, Pleo’s real-time tracking feature makes its clients be aware of all purchases and lets them set a spending limit for each card and even block cards easily in case of any suspicious activity. Pleo’s fundamental cause is to lessen paperwork, so all Pleo cardholders have to do after purchasing with their Pleo card is to take a picture of the receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app. Really, that’s it. Also, the card can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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