How To Fight Fraud Regarding Chargebacks

Mastercard Acquires Ethoca to Reduce Digital Commerce Fraud

When a credit card payment is transacted, two parties are involved – the buyer and seller, with the former paying the latter. A purchase may be reversed by the buyer, which is known as a chargeback. If you purchase something online or receive goods/services over the phone, you might find yourself unable to contact your creditors immediately. Perhaps it’s too late at night, or you’re away from your computer – whatever it may be, this article will help you if you face these issues in the future.

You have two options:. Once a buyer has made a chargeback claim against a merchant, there is little the merchant can do for some reason. Some customers will take advantage of this fact, sending out emails to random merchants requesting refunds for purchases made months ago – and they can get away with it too!

Different Ways to Deal with Fraud Concerning Chargebacks

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Pleo – credit cards for your business

Company cards startup Pleo picks up funding from Creandum - Fintech Roundup

Why Pleo is the best choice for your business

Pleo (/ˈpliːəʊ/) is undeniably one of the best credit cards for businesses out there today. For a relatively young startup, Pleo has received an impressive number of awards and recognitions, such as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 Award, Fintech 50 2020, Global Startup of the Year 2020, to name a few. It initially worked as a prepaid card, which means it drew funds from the account to which it was attached. But we come bearing good news! Pleo has finally started working as a commercial credit card.  Read more in Pleo review

Pleo allows employees to easily purchase on behalf of the company they work for, without having to deal with excessive paperwork afterwards. With Pleo, there is absolutely no need to submit reimbursement forms or expense reports every time. If that isn’t enough to convince you that … Read more