MSc 2 Management, Speciality INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (Full English Track)

International BusinessConnect with hundreds of different learners and debate concepts, discuss course materials, and get assist mastering ideas.

The University of Kent makes every effort to make sure that the knowledge contained in its publicity supplies is honest and correct and to offer instructional companies as described. However, the programs, services and other issues may be subject to change. Full particulars of our terms and circumstances could be found at: /termsandconditions. In your first year, you are launched to all features of enterprise including accounting, financial reporting, business modelling and the worldwide enterprise environment. Important: Make a observe of the QTAC code for this course (413021) because you’ll need to enter it as part of your QTAC utility.

This course is a wonderful place to begin for a spread of profession selections particularly in multinational organisations, and your placement year will set you forward of different recent graduates whenever you start to construct your profession in the business sector. This diploma will enable you to work throughout many fields of worldwide business including advertising, finance and human assets.

This module offers a crucial introduction to the principle theories and debates in International Business and makes use of these theoretical lenses to clarify core phenomena in international business. My favourite facet of the course was my time abroad at a US college. I strongly imagine it gave me an advantage in securing my placement at IBM. The Degree Programme in International Business will provide you with a Bachelor’s diploma in Business Administration (BBA). The International Business Programs office also assists worldwide students and students in Terry College on trade from associate establishments abroad and advises the International Business Society.

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Unleashing the Potential of Online Business and Management

In the era of rapid technological evolution, the realm of business and management has undergone a paradigm shift, transcending physical boundaries and finding its pulse in the virtual landscape. Online business and management, once a niche concept, have now become integral components of the global economic tapestry. This article embarks on a unique exploration of the virtual frontiers, delving into the nuances, challenges, and transformative potential of online business and management.

The Dawn of Online Business: A Digital Revolution

E-Commerce Ecosystem: Redefining Retail Dynamics

The rise of e-commerce has reshaped traditional retail dynamics. Online platforms serve as bustling marketplaces where businesses of all sizes showcase their products and services. Consumers, armed with digital devices, can explore, purchase, and review products with unprecedented convenience.

Digital Marketing Strategies: Navigating the Attention Economy

Online business thrives on the intricate dance of digital marketing strategies. From search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing, businesses engage in a relentless pursuit of visibility and relevance in the vast expanse of the internet. The attention economy becomes a focal point, with businesses vying for the precious commodity of consumer attention.

E-Entrepreneurship: Pioneering in the Virtual Frontier

The Rise of E-Entrepreneurs

E-entrepreneurs, armed with innovative ideas and a digital mindset, are pioneering in the virtual frontier. The barriers to entry are lowered, allowing individuals to launch and scale businesses with agility. From e-commerce ventures to digital services, the landscape is ripe for entrepreneurial exploration.

Agile Business Models: Navigating the Digital Terrain

The agility of online business models sets them apart. From dropshipping to affiliate marketing, e-entrepreneurs leverage nimble approaches that adapt to the ever-evolving digital terrain. Flexibility and responsiveness become key elements in navigating the complexities of online entrepreneurship.

Challenges in Online Business: Navigating the Digital Currents

Cybersecurity Concerns: Safeguarding Digital Assets

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