Paysera Visa Card Supports Apple Pay

Paysera payment card


The Pandemic of Covid-19 changed the way of life but we should be realistic, technologies and electronic type of world are changing everything almost in every moment of our life. However one of the important terms in human’s life was always financial management. In recent years, we are observing so many electronic services and contactless types of financial services; for sure here we can talk about different Credit Cards or E-Wallets or we can write about Cryptocurrencies as the most recent service that tries to make life easier. Additionally in this short article, we want to inform users about one of the most secure and quick payment services that call Paysera. The article will try to mention updates and features that made this service more popular than before. More news read on Paysera review.

Paysera Visa Card 

One of the most convenient and reliable ways for users to save and secure their money is the Paysera Visa payment card. This brand with new updates and some special marketing activities, offer users to feel the comfortable financial management. The users not just can choose the color of their cards but also with the mobile app of Paysera, they can easily access their account and make any changes. Additionally there is an option to choose a Personal card for daily use or a special card for Business that can make a user’s  professional life very easy. As most significant features of Paysera, for sure we need to mention easy and fast ordering cards, having a separate IBAN account that will be completely separate from the user’s main account and the most important feature is about Security. Paysera with adding 3D Secure technology to their services, made online shopping safer for their users. However another point that motivated users to use this service is about possibilities to link Paysera to other types of electronic payments. 

Apple Pay & Paysera 

Thanks to Paysera, today users can add their Paysera Visa Card to Apple Pay. This is not just one of the fast, easy, secure, and private ways to pay, it’s also the service that can always be with users. Nevertheless with Paysera App, users can go to their cards and they can see possibility that call “Add to Wallet”’, after that user will go to Wallet app and with tap on “+” they can simply start to use the services of Paysera Visa card with one of the contactless payment method that call “Apple Pay”. Additionally, this method is not just fast, it is also very easy to use and it is one of the most secure ways because the user’s full card number is never gonna be stored on their device or Apple servers.


As previously mentioned, the future is going to be in the technological and electronic world especially in the case of financial management and payments methods. So in this article we tried to update users about one of the most secure and fast services that is called “Paysera.”

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