Staying Safe In a Construction Zone

As frustrating as that seemingly never-ending construction zone is on your morning commute, these projects are essential to keeping drivers safe and traffic flowing. Here are several things to pay attention to in a construction zone to keep everything moving along smoothly.

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Safety Signs

It’s important to keep your eye out for any new signs, particularly if you’re familiar with an area. There may be new stop signs that you aren’t used to, or detour signs indicating a faster way around the construction zone. Construction planners typically need to search for custon sign shop Washington in order to find the perfect signs for any given project, so be sure to heed these warnings. You should also keep an eye out for cones and concrete barriers, as these will be in place to keep cars directed away from the workers and impacted area.

Find a Detour

If possible, try to find an alternate route if you know that you are nearing a construction zone. While there will likely be other drivers doing the same thing, you will be able to alleviate at least some of the congestion on the main road. This will decrease the possibility of accidents and hopefully get you to your destination in a timely fashion.

Construction Workers

It’s incredibly important that you keep an eye out for traffic controllers and construction workers. Construction workers are focused on the project and rely on you to keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phone or any other distractions. Traffic controllers are working hard to direct traffic, so be sure to watch the rotating signs and don’t speed through to get to your destination faster.

Paying attention to signs, roadblocks and traffic workers will help keep everyone safe and things moving along. Be patient and courteous, … Read more