Overview of product categories- Know the most popular categories

Being one of the most popular online marketplaces, Amazon allows retailers to reach out to a large and diverse audience. Part of the attractiveness for shoppers is the daily availability of millions of products across 36 Amazon’s Top Product Categories. Customers trust Amazon to provide everything they need, from personal care products to the latest digital gear.

The most popular categories on Amazon

It is critical to know where and what customers buy when selling on Amazon or other sites. You wouldn’t want to set up shop at a flea market only to discover you’ve parked in the incorrect lot, would you? Amazon and e-commerce are in the same boat. You will have some problems if you build a product in a niche or category where very few people shop.

1. Electronics

Customers are surrounded by technology wherever they go, from home to office and everything in between. The Internet of Things (IoT) expands every day, and new gadgets for people of all ages are released. Because there are millions of products in the electronics area, Amazon releases its Best of Prime report every year to assist customers in making purchasing decisions. The products on the list are those Prime members purchased the most in a particular year.

2. Games & Toys

Studios such as Disney and Pixar release new films for children of all ages every few months. Each film is accompanied by many must-have toys, games, and gadgets. As a result, Amazon receives a steady influx of new toys and competitions throughout the year, good for business.

Children determine which toys are popular year after year, so do your homework and look for patterns. In-between-show advertising, for example, reveals what’s popular throughout a certain season. There are also numerous YouTube channels dedicated to toy videos.

3. Photo & Camera

The Photo & Camera within the Electronics category, the Amazon product category is a sub-section. Cameras, camera accessories, and photography equipment are all included in this category. Five of the eight goods listed above are related to security or surveillance.

Customers have more alternatives to secure their houses as technology develops. They’re also easier to use and set up than previous models. Ring is one of the products on the list above that sticks out. It was founded in 2012 and has since evolved to become a market leader in home security.

4. Computer and video games

The Video Games category on Amazon has developed to become one of the most profitable. It is, in reality, worth $100 billion. Amazon is seeking developers for its Amazon Game Studios project to stay up with the industry’s expansion.

The initiative began as a method for game developers to gain access to built-in Twitch integration for gamers who want to live stream. Streaming video games is becoming a significant component of Amazon’s business. Amazon’s emphasis on video games gives retailers a chance to cash in on the booming industry.

5. Books

Amazon was one of the earliest online book stores when it initially began. It has developed over time to become more digitally focused. It now has digital possibilities, such as Kindle items. Children’s books, literature and fiction, and self-help books are the most popular on Amazon’s best-sellers list. Many of which have been adapted into blockbuster films; Epic adventure novels are among the best-selling books in this Amazon product category.

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