Mailers are a great tool to promote your business. They allow you to showcase your product and connect with customers simultaneously. If you haven’t tried using postcards as mailers, now is a good time to start thinking about them as part of your business strategy. Here are five features every plastic postcard mailer should have:

  • Superior durability: Having durable products will ensure that whatever message needs to go out can without problems and interference from tearing or any damage. People expect mailers not to be cheap but rather high quality because they cost more than regular paper-based advertisements.
  • High clarity level: The impression people get from looking at something is the level of clarity it brings. For mailers to be an effective tool, they should have high clarity levels.
  • Dirt resistance: Dirt will interfere with how individuals view things and thus spoil the message you are trying to send out to customers with your organization’s branding. Plastic postcard mailers allow for dirt protection which keeps the design looking new for much longer than paper-based options.
  • Flexibility: When creating a great plastic card mailer, flexibility needs to be considered. This is because they do not need any special support systems like other boxes might, so they can move around freely before being packed up and delivered by companies.
  • Affordable: Last but not least, plastic postcard mailers need to be affordable. Not just because of the financial situation of potential customers, but also for you as an organization. The benefit of using these is that more people will receive your message, which leads to them seeing the product or service you offer and possibly having a better impression about it than originally before they saw it. This leads to higher chances for them purchasing something from you in the future, thus increasing revenue on their end and yours.

As plastic postcard mailers are durable materials like polypropylene or PVC, these features can be met across the board regardless of their brand name. They are great tools for marketing with their high chance of success and their cost-effectiveness.