Powder coating is an essential part of many manufacturing processes. The process of powder coating involves spraying the surface of a product with a thin layer of pigment so that it will not corrode and disintegrate over time. This is usually achieved through an electrostatic process, but this only helps to protect the surface. You can get so much more from your powder coating operation by implementing these six best practices, including using a 6x6x10 powder coating oven for all your finishing steps. There are lots of different ways you can use a 6x6x10 powder coating oven to add value to your production line. Here are five reasons why you should be using a 6x6x10 powder coating oven right now:

You Can Add Value To Your Coated Products

The surface of your materials will be protected with a powder coating finish, but adding some finishing steps can give you the opportunity to add even more value to your products. One example of how you can add value to your finished products is by adding a tint to the surface of your product. A tinted powder coating finish will not only protect the surface of your product, but it will also add color to your product. This color can be added to create a consistent brand for your company, or it can be added for aesthetic reasons. A 6x6x10 powder coating oven is the perfect place to add a tint to your coated products. You can use a tinted powder that is already premixed to achieve an even tint across the entire surface of your product. Alternatively, you can add pigments to the powder coating solution to create a tinted finish.

You Can Further Protect The Surface Of Your Coated Products

The electrostatic nature of the powder coating process means that there is a chance that the powder will not adhere to the surface. This is especially common on rough or uneven surfaces. A 6x6x10 powder coating oven will allow you to bake the powder coating finish on the surface of your products, which will further protect the surface and secure the powder coating to the surface. This will also help to ensure the finish is an even color and finish across the entire surface. This is a great extra step to add to your production line even if you don’t want to add a tint to your products. By baking the powder coating finish, you will help to protect the surface of your products from corrosion, staining, and damage caused by everyday use.

You Can Monitor Quality Through Real-Time Auditing

A 6x6x10 powder coating oven will allow you to keep your production line moving efficiently by auditing the quality of each product as it is finished. This is possible thanks to the clear door and large window of a 6x6x10 powder coating oven. This way, you can easily see the color and finish of each product before it goes into storage, or before it is packaged and sent out to customers. You can spot any issues with the finish of a product before it reaches the next step in the production line, and you’ll spot any issues while they are still relatively easy to correct. This is particularly useful if you are producing a standard range of products. You will be able to inspect each product to ensure they meet the required standard before they go out of the door, and you will have a record of any issues that you can use to improve your production process.

You Can Produce A Consistent Finish On All Your Coated Products

A 6x6x10 oven can be used to bake your products between each stage in the production line. This will help to ensure that each product has a consistent finish across the entire surface. First, it will give your customers the same consistent finish on each product, which will help to boost customer satisfaction. This will help you to grow your customer base and boost your profits. A consistent finish will also help to protect the surface of your products from damage caused by irregularities. For example, you may be coating a frame or frame angle of a piece of construction equipment. By ensuring that each product has a consistent finish, you will protect the surface of the production line and create a product that will last longer in the field.

You Can Achieve Exact Tinting With a 6x6x10 Oven

The final reason why you should be using a 6x6x10 powder coating oven is that it will allow you to achieve exact tinting. You can add pigments to your coating solution to tint the surface, but you can also remove a small amount of coating from the surface by scraping off the excess. This method of tinting is called “dust brushing” and it is best done in a 6x6x10 powder coating oven. This allows you to achieve an exact tint on each product as you will be able to control the amount of coating removed from the surface. This method of tinting is best for products that require a very specific tint, such as reflector housings for street lights. It is also useful for creating a consistent tint across a range of products.