Digital presence is the need of the hour. Your digital footprints mean a lot to the reputation and performance of your business or blog, and hence, having a good presence online is essential.

It is a massive part of the marketing strategies while being a meaningful addition to the branding department, too.

Along with being important, digital presence is also very demanding. It demands time, effort, resources, money, and good services.

It needs good web and domain hosting services for overall performance enhancement. That being said, we have to accept the fact that web hosts can be expensive!

This is one of the primary reasons you look for discounted or free services. But when you buy domain and hosting services, you need to make an educated decision.

Determining a provider solely based on the price component can be hazardous, especially if the web hosting provider claims to provide free services.

If you are buying an Australian web hosting service, avoid the pitfalls of free web hosting websites and here is why!

8 Reasons Why You Should Stray Away From Free Web Hosting

1.      Lack Of Security

Free web hosting services aren’t big on security measures and highly lack on the protection policy scales.

This makes your website vulnerable and susceptible to various online threats like malware attacks, data theft, breaches, hacking, and malicious activities.

The lack of a comprehensive security system can compromise your data and online reputation.

2.      Scammy Advertisements

The hosting providers do not charge you anything for the services they provide, and hence, they have to make money in order to buy those resources.

They receive that money through advertisements featured on their websites. While this might be acceptable for a few personal blogs, it looks very unprofessional and incredible on a business website. This disrupts your reputation.

3.      Unreliable

Free hosting services usually allocate less amount of money and resources to your website.

This results in poor performance and consistent downtime. The disturbance increases when there is a high and increasing traffic. This disturbs the flow of traffic towards your website.

4.      Online Threats Prone

Since there are close to no security measures in operation on your website, your page becomes vulnerable to malware attacks.

Hackers and attackers always attack the pages that are not updated and unprotected. This makes your website threat-prone.

5.      Limited Storage Space

Free hosting packages offer minimal storage space for your website data and content. This restricts the amount of content you can upload and creates limitations on your data usage. This is a significant obstacle in the growing period of your website.

6.      Negative Branding

Using a free web hosting service can be seen as an incredible thing to do. This proves the unprofessional attitude towards digital presence and gives your website a negative reputation.

Consequently, this affects the trustworthiness of your business.

7.      No Customisation Allowed

Free hosting packages typically come with a limited amount of options when it comes to customisation.

This means that you won’t have the flexibility to tailor your website, configure, and setup according to your brand’s unique identity.

8.      No Backups

As we have mentioned above, the free hosting plans lack planning and strategies.

These plans do not provide data backup and disaster recovery functions for your website. This can be a potential loss on your side, and you must try to avoid it as much as possible.


We live in a capitalistic society, and we receive what we pay for. If we pay nothing, we receive close to nothing.

Free web hosting is the perfect example of the same. You will realise that you receive no benefits and advantages of web hosting with these free plans. It is better to pay a standard amount to the providers and receive good services and resources!

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