Finding the right doors for a commercial or industrial building is essential. High-quality doors can ensure security and access requirements are met. There are several different types of commercial doors available. Each one has unique properties and potential benefits. When choosing a door, it is important to consider multiple aspects, including appearance, durability, functionality, and security.

Rolling Steel Doors

This type of door usually has slats that are made from galvanized or stainless steel. Sometimes doors are made of aluminum. The slats are designed to interlock, forming a secure surface when closed. To open the door, the slats are rolled around a drum or cylinder. This style means they don’t take up much space when not in use. A provider of rolling steel doors jacksonville fl may offer several finish options and security features.

Security Grills

These doors are common in shopping centers and airports. Most have panels made of aluminum, tempered glass, or steel. They offer some level of transparency while simultaneously protecting against unauthorized access and theft. A security grill can be a good choice for retail operations.

Sectional Doors

These commercial doors are somewhat similar to certain types of residential garage doors. They usually have several horizontal panels that allow the doors to be raised quickly and securely. Some may include windows or finishes designed to withstand extreme weather. 

Glass and Aluminum Doors

This door style is usually centered on architectural beauty rather than security. In most cases, a sectional aluminum frame holds glass panels. These doors can improve a building’s appearance and provide natural light to interior spaces. 

A secure door is an essential part of a commercial building. It can provide access to authorized users while helping prevent break-ins and theft. The right door can also complement the physical appearance of the building. Rolling steel, sectional, and glass doors all have specific advantages and applications. Security grills can work well in retail locations.