While many behavioral patterns can hold people back in life, procrastination can be a particularly debilitating force in a person’s daily world. This is the case because procrastination causes people to put off the process of making changes that will help improve their self-esteem, optimize their social interactions, and realize personal or professional goals. If you’re currently trapped in the world of procrastination, now is the time to begin implementing strategies that will help you change your troublesome ways. Below are three techniques that can help you stop procrastinating:

1. Meditate.

Meditation is a wonderful way to help you overcome the proclivity to procrastinate because it takes your mind out of the realms of past and future by keeping you firmly grounded in the present. This reality is powerful because people who procrastinate oftentimes develop cognitive patterns which involve conceptualizing a future date as the point in time in which they will make substantive change happen. By remaining firmly grounded in the now through a meditation practice, you can undergo a substantive mental shift marked by an awareness that growth and change are immediately available if you access what the unfolding moment has to offer you. Once you recognize your ability to make substantive change in the moment rather than constantly conceptualizing reality in terms of things that can transpire in the future, you’re on your way to ending your affair with procrastination.

2. Come Up With Consequences.

Another strategy you can implement to limit the experience of procrastination is coming up with consequences. An example would be telling yourself that if you don’t prepare a nutritious dinner at home at least three times a month, you are not allowed to participate in any social events. This type of strategy ensures that you put yourself under pressure to get things done rather than allowing procrastination to remain your primary modus operandi. Coming up with consequences can preclude you from unwanted outcomes like not obtaining insurance so you can keep your company covered at all times. If you’re currently seeking out the right captive insurance industry company, know that the professionals of Captive Resources can assist you!

3. Eliminate Distractions.

Even when you get your mind and will together so you’re ready to push past procrastination and into the realm of consistently doing the things that will bring you results, you will likely find that you are regularly interrupted by distractions. Recognizing and eliminating these distractions will play a key role in helping you overcome your tendency to put off key growth processes, so make sure that you’re away of anything in your environment that may detract from your ability to get things done. This could be anything from a mobile device to junk food to another person.


Once you realize that procrastinating is detracting from the quality of your personal or professional life, you need to begin implementing techniques that will help you start operating more effectively in the now. Three strategies that can be particularly beneficial for you include meditating, coming up with consequences for procrastination, and eliminating distractions. Utilize some or all of these strategies to keep procrastination at bay so you can become an increasingly productive, progressive person!