When that big party you went to runs out of steam, you probably think moving on to a club is a great idea. So, you hop into your car and are on your way with your auto packed full of your friends as you weave your way into and out of traffic. The music is blaring so you probably didn’t hear the police car behind you, and it wasn’t until one of your friends made a very loud exclamation of surprise that you realized you could be in trouble.

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Phase One

Pulling the car over, you and your friends are quickly ushered from the vehicle, and the office asks each of you to sit on the side of the road with your legs crossed. The second police officer arrives and loudly states she smells a suspicious odor, and she probably did because one of your friends was very high when he got into your car. So, the officers begin searching your vehicle.

Phase Two

You get arrested when the officers find that weed your friend stashed in between the seat cushions in the back. You insist the weed isn’t yours, but the officers claim you are responsible for what is inside your vehicle. Your weed smoking friend calls your mom to let her know you need a bail bonds Allentown PA only minutes before they arrest him too, and off to jail you both go.

Phase Three

You go through an arraignment process that doesn’t last long. You are fingerprinted, have your photograph taken, and sent to sit in a cell. Then you are taken before a judge that tells you what you are charged with. You are also told when you have to be back in court.

Phase Four

Your mom posts bail and moments after your arraignment, you are free to go home. Your parents didn’t say a word all the way home, and that is when you knew you were in serious trouble.