Preventative Maintenance for Your Car Wash

One of the best ways to help your car wash business be successful is to stay ahead of any complications that might arise. Running a test wash before you open each day is a good way to ensure that all aspects of your car wash are in working order, and is an easy method for identifying potential issues, implementing solutions and taking note of any equipment that may need attention.

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Staying diligent with your standard upkeep practices keeps you informed about how well your operation is running, and can show you where to focus your resources when it comes to employing a car wash maintenance service to replace or upgrade your equipment. Knowing what to check for during a test wash can make it easier to spot potential problems that can be quickly solved if detected early.

Plugged Nozzles

It can negatively impact your business if a customer purchases a car wash only to find that plugged nozzles are preventing a thorough service. Making sure that all your nozzles are working properly before your first customer arrives sets you up for a productive day and can save you from a tarnished reputation.


Air, water, oil, detergent and other chemicals can leak from ruptures in hoses and loose fittings, so it’s a good idea to routinely check the areas that are most likely to spring a leak. Finding and mending leaks quickly will keep your car wash running and save you from wasting resources.

Pay Stations

Many car washes utilize pay stations to automate the purchasing process, so making sure these pay stations are fully functional is very important. Checking to make sure the validator works and having a spare validator on hand are simple steps you can take that may save you trouble in the future.

Being proactive and paying attention to your equipment gives you the chance to take action before a serious problem forces you to close down and make repairs. Being consistent with your maintenance routine and being careful to inspect all parts of your car wash can be the keys to anticipating problems and running a successful business.

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