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Pre-employment background checks are standard practice for most major companies, and most criminal and non-criminal history is available to the public. However, typically a formal request must be submitted in order to view someone’s history. So, what can a criminal record check show and why are they important?

Multi-Tiered Investigating

Your potential hire may not have any district crimes on record, but they may have a history of state or federal offences. Only a thorough criminal record search can provide information from the county, state, federal and national levels. If you own a security-sensitive business or deal with high-profile clients, making sure you’re getting the full picture of someone’s criminal history is key. It is also beneficial if you are hiring someone from a different state. 

Catching the Bluffs

Maybe an applicant has not submitted any personal record of criminal or non-criminal charges. Perhaps they selected ‘no’ on the application survey when asked about having any criminal history. In situations like this, it is critical to know what you can and cannot do as an employer searching for records. If you’re hiring someone underage, their records may be protected depending on which state you are in. Some states, like Texas, have online databases for conviction records and sex offender registries. These are all accessible to employers, and sometimes it just takes a simple google search to figure out where to find the information you need to know. 

When it comes to bringing someone new into your office, taking extensive measures to review their background is always appropriate. Even if your workplace doesn’t deal in matters of the high security, taking the time to confirm a clean criminal record is really important. The safety and peace of mind of your team, coworkers, company and clients are worth the investment of your time and money.