If you are looking for a chance to start a business that will make money and provide a valuable service, a medical courier pennsylvania may be the answer for you. Medical records and supplies need to get to their destination quickly and in good condition. If you can deliver on this, you have a good chance of doing well in this business.

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Licenses and Permits

You will need training and licensing in handling biological materials before you can start your business. Any employees you hire will also need to be trained and certified. The rules are different from state to state, so be sure to find out what permits and permissions you need to start a medical courier business in your area.

The Right Equipment

Most companies that deliver lab samples or medical supplies need vehicles in which to do this, and specialized equipment is sometimes necessary. If you are transporting documents such as medical records or x-rays, a bicycle or motorbike might be the best way to get through city traffic. If you are picking up blood, urine or tissue samples, they will need to be kept at the proper temperature, and you will need cooling equipment.


As your company grows, you will hire people to make pickups and deliveries. Potential employees must have good driving records, be reliable and have a friendly yet professional manner. While a college degree is not necessary, the people who work for you should be able to understand and carry out instructions as well as use a certain amount of discretion to make decisions. They should dress in the company uniform or in a business casual way. 

Business and Marketing Plans

It is very important when starting any business to develop a plan for how the business will grow and thrive. It doesn’t take a lot of initial outlay to start a medical courier service, so you may not need to apply for financing, but it is a good idea to get down on paper where you want the business to go.

Make money and help people with a medical delivery service.