A Guide to Tax Relief

You may need tax relief for various reasons. Perhaps the Internal Revenue Service placed a lien on your property or assets, or you received a final notice about a bank levy. It can be a scary time, but you don’t have to face your debt alone. Read on for ways you can get help to pay your taxes. 

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Lien Assistance 

You can seek tax relief services near me for help. They can provide various support, including IRS lien assistance. Tax relief experts can help you figure out a way to repay your debt to the government other than a tax lien.

Bank Levy

It can be scary if you receive a notice from the government that they plan to do a bank levy to collect the taxes owed. As one of the most severe penalties the IRS can enact, it can seem like there is no way out. However, tax relief experts have experience dealing with such situations and know how to work with the IRS.

Offer in Compromise

If you feel like you are stuck financially between a rock and a hard place, there is an option for you. The Offer in Compromise helps taxpayers who owe the IRS money get out of debt. To qualify for the program, you’d have to prove that paying the taxes owed would put you in a financial hardship.

Late Taxes

If you were late filing your taxes one year for whatever reason, don’t worry. Whether you were busy or you forgot or you owe money, late tax returns need to be squared away as soon as possible to avoid penalties.

There are several other potential areas you may need help with in filing your taxes, whether they are federal or state or both. Tax relief experts are well-versed in all matters dealing with the IRS and will likely be your best bet of becoming debt-free. 

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