3 Steps to Greener Cleaning

It can feel overwhelming wondering how to keep your home sparkling without breaking the bank or adding artificial cleaners to your every surface. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle – or use products you already have in your kitchen to help your living areas shine. Here are three simple ways to make some changes.

Getting Rid of Paper Towels

Using roll after roll of disposable towels can be wasteful and unnecessary as you toss them in the trash when they are dirty. Instead consider using t shirt rags to wipe down counters, windows, or brass and simply run them through the washer and re-use them next week. You will cut down on how much paper you are wasting immediately!

Scrubbing the Grime

Instead of running to the store for a thousand different cleaners, all formulated for a specific use, it can be much less wasteful to make your own out of everyday products. White vinegar, in particular, is a multi-purpose base which can be diluted with alcohol or scented with lemon to clean floors and stains.  

Deodorizing Everything

Instead of hoping for the best as you scrub your fridge or wipe down your counters, a simple solution lies with baking soda drastically cutting down on the scent and cleaning sinks around your home. You can also use it to cut through built-up grease on your cooking utensils and pans!

There are many ways to make your home cleaning a little less wasteful and keep your cabinets a little more organized with fewer excess bottles rattling around. As you find yourself preparing for your next spring cleaning, look for ways to make this upkeep gentler on the planet! With a little elbow grease and simple products, you can make your home shine with floors you would be willing to eat off of.

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