Three Things to Consider When Getting A Finance Expert Witness for A Money Laundering Case

When you consider hiring an expert witness in finance for a money laundering case, consider a few things. In addition to the expert witness finance qualifications, the report must be technically accurate and include analysis and technically related material. The report should also summarize multiple calculations and references losses cumulatively and incrementally. Finally, the report must explain the calculations and conclusions to clients, opposing counsel, and the trier of fact.

Fees for expert witnesses in finance

When negotiating expert witness fees, ask the retaining attorney to agree to a retainer amount of a significant amount. This retainer may be non-refundable, but it is typically held as collateral for regular billing and is deducted from the last invoice upon completion. If the retaining attorney complains about the retainer amount or takes more time to pay it, you may want to consider a larger retainer.

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How Much Will I Receive From Social Security?

For older Americans, Social Security is the primary source of income. It is funded through payroll taxes and is based on an average of earnings and inflation. Inflation is taken into account to ensure benefits remain at the same level for as long as possible. So the main question is, “How much will I receive?”

Social Security provides the majority of income for older adults.

As a significant source of income for older Americans, Social Security is a vitally important program. Over one in four elderly Americans rely on Social Security as most of their income, and 65% of retired persons depend on it for over half of their income. In addition, more than half of married couples and one-third of single recipients depend on Social Security for over 90% of their income. Meanwhile, only about one-third of unmarried older people rely on Social Security for more than half of … Read more

5 Factors That Affect The Value Of Land

Many factors affect land value, and critically understand how they work before buying your property. Knowing what to look for in a piece of land is almost more essential than the price you pay.

1. Proximity to Public Transportation

When considering the value of your land, you should also consider proximity to public transportation. Public transportation is a vital part of any city. 

Having public transportation available may also increase the value of your land if it’s located near a transit stop or station. This is because buyers are interested in properties that offer easy access to public transit stops and stations when they need to travel around town or commute to work every day!

2. Proximity to Restaurants and Other Local Businesses

When you’re looking at purchasing land, where do you look for the value? Many things affect the value of any given piece of land. The number … Read more

Quality Video Production Equipment

Quality Video Production

Quality videos are bait for attracting people to your products and passing a message that your content has the convincing power to get their attention. High-quality videos will help you maintain your brand name and keep off online mockery. A quality video about your products and services is an asset today, many businesses worldwide are making millions through video marketing. Quality videos are made by professionals Video Production Denver CO-based and have the power to create an incredible online presence.

How To find a High-Quality Video

The competition for the production of high-quality videos is quite high and if you are not careful, you might upload a video that receives zero views. To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable to engage a professional who will produce a video with high resolution, compelling content, and detailed pictures. This is evident in some video clips produced by video production professionals.

Benefits of Video Content

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A complete guide about b2b cold calling outsourcing

Like you, people like you have been using various sorts of cold calling as a successful technique to increase conversions for decades. While the concept and practices of cold calling have changed over time, from door-to-door sales to outbound phone calls, cold calling remains an effective B2B outsource sales calls development strategy when done correctly.

What is the definition of a cold call?

A cold call is a sales tactic that involves contacting prospects who have not previously expressed an interest in a company’s products or services to bring them into the sales funnel.

It’s easy to get disheartened with a success rate of roughly 2% and an astounding 80% of cold calls going to voicemail. Let’s look at the facts before you start thanking technology for ending the “outdated tactic” of cold calling. Even more intriguing, 57 percent of c-suite executives and vice presidents prefer cold calling to other … Read more

3 Things To Do When Considering Auto Loans

There are a lot of perks to owning a new car. The vehicle is often covered by a warranty for the first few years of ownership, meaning some hiccups and repairs are covered by the manufacturer. There is no wear and tear on the vehicle, which means no hidden problems waiting to emerge. 

But unfortunately, new cars are expensive. Even with cheaper makes and models, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything on the market for less than $14,000. That’s not an out-of-pocket expense many people can make. This is why auto loans are so popular. But before you sign up, there are some things to consider.

Weigh Your Options

Another avenue is to lease a vehicle. The monthly payments tend to be less than a loan. However, leasing is very literally just borrowing. This means that the dealership will sometimes cover the cost of minor repairs associated with wear, but … Read more

Do UK brokers use Forex robots?

Forex trading is a tricky business, with the market being open 24 hours a day and fluctuating at different times of the day. If you’re a UK broker that trades in the currency markets, then there’s a good chance that you will have considered using various automated systems to help with your trading decisions. Many brokers in the UK use forex robots when trading currencies because they take much of the emotion out of decision making when it comes to price fluctuations.

It is not unusual for brokers to offer the latest technological innovations, resulting in additional revenue. Some brokers will go as far as providing regular retail traders access to automated trading robots. However, despite the apparent attraction of this type of technology to busy broker staff, it is rare to find any UK based brokers offering trading robots.

Traders can program forex robots with various settings which … Read more

Essential Features of Plastic Postcard Mailers

Mailers are a great tool to promote your business. They allow you to showcase your product and connect with customers simultaneously. If you haven’t tried using postcards as mailers, now is a good time to start thinking about them as part of your business strategy. Here are five features every plastic postcard mailer should have:

  • Superior durability: Having durable products will ensure that whatever message needs to go out can without problems and interference from tearing or any damage. People expect mailers not to be cheap but rather high quality because they cost more than regular paper-based advertisements.
  • High clarity level: The impression people get from looking at something is the level of clarity it brings. For mailers to be an effective tool, they should have high clarity levels.
  • Dirt resistance: Dirt will interfere with how individuals view things and thus spoil the message you are trying to send
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Overview of product categories- Know the most popular categories

Being one of the most popular online marketplaces, Amazon allows retailers to reach out to a large and diverse audience. Part of the attractiveness for shoppers is the daily availability of millions of products across 36 Amazon’s Top Product Categories. Customers trust Amazon to provide everything they need, from personal care products to the latest digital gear.

The most popular categories on Amazon

It is critical to know where and what customers buy when selling on Amazon or other sites. You wouldn’t want to set up shop at a flea market only to discover you’ve parked in the incorrect lot, would you? Amazon and e-commerce are in the same boat. You will have some problems if you build a product in a niche or category where very few people shop.

1. Electronics

Customers are surrounded by technology wherever they go, from home to office and everything in between. The … Read more

Data Science and Trading

The recent proliferation of cryptocurrencies has made young people more interested in informatics, statistics and data mining. The most successful traders tend to be the ones who treat their activity as a science, not a cheap thrill. This is why data scientists are more valuable than ever before when it comes to trading. Experts from a plethora of fields can help fintech companies offer trading services by analyzing data, laying out strategies and implementing innovative techniques.

Firms such as Cane Bay Partners are continuing to build on data science’s capabilities, and help fintech companies grow. As data science is such an expansive field, there are many different trading services that can benefit.

Technical Trading

Graphs, charts and statistical analysis are crucial to technical trading. Signals to buy or sell an asset are easier to find when a data scientist is available to help. Looking for divergence or convergence requires a … Read more