Tips To Help Self-Fund Your Startup

In a world full of startups with big-name backers, it often surprises people when I tell them that I self-funded my skincare company. On one hand, self-funding your business usually means that your budget is a lot more limited than you’d like. But on the other hand, it keeps you accountable to make conservative and smart financial choices. Want to give it a shot yourself? Here are a few of the things I learned along the way that you can try.


Start Small

When I first launched my business, I had only four products and a very basic website. While the product formulations were best in class, the website was a little lackluster. I learned to live with it, knowing that the quality of the products was far more important than the complexity of my website. Instead of buying a huge amount of products, I placed small orders. My … Read more

Back To Business Week 2017!

Business WeekAIP Foundation and the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea will promote Oceans Business Week”, a large enterprise meeting of the Sea Economy.

This is an event for native companies to satisfy regionally necessary building, upkeep and freeway sector patrons as well as other organisations reminiscent of Gwynedd Council, Gwynedd Community Homes, Bangor University, Natural Resources Wales and to hear what future tender opportunities are available. Are you near different small companies in your area? Strengthen your affect and reach a bigger audience by becoming a member of forces this Small Business Week.

Each year, Queensland Small Business Week continues to develop, with extra occasions in more locations, delivering a spread of alternatives for small business owners to network, join, and study new expertise and instruments that will help them succeed now and in the future. Join the National Cyber Exchange (NCX) for a Virtual Reality (VR) assisted demonstration on how … Read more