Economic NewsNarendra Modi , Prime Minister of India visited Japan recently and signed treaties along with his Japanese counterpart. He additionally met with Japanese entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors. Japan has agreed to invest $ 35 B in coming 5 years in numerous projects in India. This will improve Indo-Japan cooperation in enterprise and financial sectors and will benefit both countries.

Bowles (2006) has argued that while free market-advocates attribute economic issues to the government, free market opponents attribute financial problems as being an inherent part of the capitalist system. In the eyes of market advocates, inflation is caused by the federal government creating an excessive amount of money, and unemployment is brought on by institutional frictions resembling minimal wages and professional-trade union bargaining” (Bowels, 2004, p.37). Others, like John Maynard Keynes, viewed the capitalist system as being inherently unstable and crisis-ridden—crises like the continued financial downturn that began in 2008.

Wednesday. Economic news from Canada (Bank price determination) created huge strikes in Canadian dollar pairs. This piece of foreign exchange information triggered Canadian dollar to break down throughout the board inflicting a reversal even in usd/cad, which was taking place the week before. You may have traded any cad pair and made some good profit (provided you adopted technical rules).

Just visited again your informative and attention-grabbing article, saw attention-grabbing comments by you and and others. About you mentioning population being a problem, I suppose it’s a delusion created during license raj in our country by People who rule to hide their mismanagement. Statistics does not help this sense. I wrote some weeks back an article about it. Here is a hyperlink.

A politician who cloaks his argument in patriotism simply to win an argument is a scoundrel and a demagogue. He misuses patriotism to manipulate the general public by making it seem unpatriotic to oppose a particular place. The scoundrel is utilizing emotion rather than cause to sway public opinion. He also implies that to oppose his position is to be unpatriotic.

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