UK’s Top Entrepreneurs Call On Government To Prioritize Entrepreneurship Education

Over half of Britain’s young people have started or thought about starting a business. This is a trend that has more to do with what they see everyday on the likes of TikTok than what they learn in the classroom. After all, most young people are being taught nothing at all about the world of work – let alone the first thing the need for starting a business.

It’s not just young people who prize entrepreneurial skills: employers do too. To coincide with the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship report calling on the government to prioritize itwe coordinated a letter to back the findings, which hundreds of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and educators have signed.

The APPG report was supported by finnCap. As Sam Smith, group CEO of finnCap, says: “I have worked with programs that teach entrepreneurship

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An Entrepreneur Read 2,000 Resumes and Shared How to Stand Out

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In a recent video on his YouTube channel, doctor-turned-startup founder Ali Abdaal shares everything he has learned as an employer who has read more than 2,000 job applications over the last few years. “If you do want to apply or get your dream job, then to be honest, the work starts way before you actually apply,” he says. “You want to build a portfolio of skills and assets that will convince your employer to take you on rather than someone else who’s applied for the job.”

One of the best pieces of advice he has to offer when writing your resume is to keep it short and sweet. While your first impulse might be to include every piece of

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