How to Set Up a New Office Space

If you’re the entrepreneurial type (and we don’t mean like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space) and are thinking of setting up a new work space, or simply plan to move your office somewhere else, there’s a lot you need to take into account. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind when putting your new office space together.

Reduce by Reusing

You can save yourself a pretty penny if you buy used office file cabinets and other previously-owned supplies. A word to the wise when buying used items: quality matters. Make sure what you get for your office is in the best possible condition. 

Analyze Your Tech Needs

Make sure you get a computer for every employee (and check that there‚Äôs a place to plug them in!), and consider what brand and operating system you intend to use. When it comes to copiers, choose one that can … Read more

How to finance your dream!

Everyone has dreams and the desire to achieve them. Some people even go as far as drawing up plans for execution the only thing that seems to be lacking for these people is finance. Understandably this can be a very frustrating situation.

Fortunately, there is a very reliable solution to this problem. Peer to peer lending gives you the advantage of being able to make your dreams reality. Peer to peer lending in the UK gives individuals the option of removing Banks from loans. Peer to peer loaning gives individuals a higher rate of return on loans. Despite removing banks from the transactions, it is necessary for there to be a middle man between parties.

As a small business, or an individual looking to start one. Loans from banks may be very risky. In some instances, it may not even be possible. So how do you manage to do fund … Read more