The Opportunity Index

Opportunitymiss/lose an opportunity I’ve been invited to talk on the conference – it’s an opportunity that’s too good to overlook.

Will you select to take out a mortgage on a car, paying curiosity on a depreciating asset, primarily multiplying the effect, and never having that money to spend on other things, which is another degree of opportunity price. Or will you purchase a cheaper automobile for cash and save the distinction incomes curiosity on it, magnifying it the other manner. Essentially turning a lose-lose into a win-win.

As with each slide in your pitch, you should be occupied with what questions buyers may have. For the opportunity slide, investors need to know, at this moment in time, what has happened to create an opportunity for someone to enter or create a new market, and why that someone is you. Of all the slides in your pitch, this is the one which brings all of it together. Use this slide make it crystal clear to traders why they should wager on you and your company.

When incomes are excessive in a specific group or there’s disposable cash available, individuals are more keen to purchase products and services that improve their lives. A great instance of this is able to be the teenager and pre-teen market. When children have cash, they buy stuff. Products and services such as designer clothing, downloadable music services, new smart telephones and all the opposite things that these children buy are an enormous market and therefor have opportunistic prospects. Another gigantic market is the getting old baby boomers. These people have spent a lifetime saving cash and getting ready for his or her retirement and they have disposable revenue.

Instead, think about how you can present you’re differentiated from the competitors and why it is possible for you to to run a better race. If you’re aware of the terrain and the race circumstances, you will have prepared for this explicit course, and you recognize all the shortcuts, this gives you an advantage. This is where investors┬áwant to make their bets. Explain your advantages so that investors understand how your method is different, better, and prone to win. Again, the opportunity all comes again to the explanation of your proprietary rationale.