Kakeibo: How to save Japanese money up to 35 percent

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Although already aware of the importance of setting aside a portion of income, but still, there are still many people who have difficulty managing finances. In other words, saving is a difficult thing for the majority of people. Well, if you don’t want to keep going like them, try kakebo.


What is Kakeibo?

Kakeibo is a Japanese money-saving concept of up to 35 percent. This concept was discovered in 1904 by Hani Motoko, a Japanese journalist. Now, the concept of kakeibo is increasingly popular after the writer Fumiko Chiba released a kakeibo guidebook in English.

Compared to other money-saving concepts, kakeibo is simpler. At the beginning of each month, you only need to check how much money you actually have. Check carefully what you get, from a fixed salary, bonus, or other additional income.

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Why It Is Important to Have a Solid Financial Plan

Finances are a very important part of life. They are also very tricky in different ways. While some people are rather skilled at making money, those same people may find it challenging to save their money. One thing that people may realize as they gain experience is that finances come in waves. There will be times when money is scarce. This is one of the reasons that it is important to have a solid financial plan. There are many factors to figure out when it comes to a financial plan.

When it comes to financial planning, it is not enough to have a plan for the present. You must also have a financial plan that factors in the future. One of the common things to plan for is getting out of debt. A lot of people accumulate debt over time, especially with student loans. In many cases, their debt … Read more