True Wealth Equals Credits Minus Debits

Finances 101 should be a required class in high school. Many take Accounting 101, but not everyone. If everyone were required to take Finances 101, they would know that real wealth equals credits minus debits.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Accountants understand the differences between accounts payable and accounts receivable. If a company does not understand, then it will go bankrupt. So, why don’t individuals really understand the difference? If you look up the origin of the word, Economics it refers to household budgets. The original economics was based on how a family would manage its bills. Something has led people to think that economics is only what bankers do.

What Are Credits?

And, that is part of the problem. The world relies too heavily on high level bankers. Individuals, businesses and governments need to understand how accounting works also. Individuals, businesses and governments all have credit scores. Knowing the … Read more

High Risk, High Reward Cryptocurrency Trading


Recent studieshave shown that “Buy bitcoin” is searched more than, “Buy gold.” There are also thousands of people a month searching, “Bitcoin Jobs.” An entire market has formed around these cryptocurrencies. This has created a great opportunity to win or lose money trading cryptocurrencies. You trade cryptocurrencies against USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies. Trading these assets is kind of like if you mixed stock trading with Forex.

The difference is that the crypto space is loaded with volatility. It’s definitely unwise to invest money you’re not willing to potentially lose all of tomorrow. All the time there are cases where an asset loses 80+ percent of its value in one day. Another way to look at it though is that there is often an opportunity to get an 80+ percent increase on your chosen coin in one day or less!

Trading crypto is highly technical and tends to … Read more