Basic Concept Of Economics

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The theory formulated must be tested. This is to ensure that further knowledge does not contradict it. A typically accepted economic idea can be used to foretell the end result of particular economic events. The law of demand is an example of an economic concept. It states that as the worth of product falls, the quantity demanded of the product rises, other things being equal. It might therefore be presumed that if the price of sneakers falls, ceteris paribus, folks will buy more footwear.

The concept of opportunity cost presupposes that if the consumer technically can buy the two items but chooses to purchase one, there isn’t a opportunity price. In the instance above, if the patron had $200, he may purchase each items. If he decides on just one, it only means he did not like the opposite. The opportunity value can be some other commodity.

Science could also be outlined as information acquired by remark and testing of truth in an orderly method. Economics is regarded as a science as a result of it uses sure methods, which methods are additionally used within the physical sciences reminiscent of physics and chemistry, in explaining and observing a phenomenon. Economists observe financial events ; attempt to find patterns in them; formulate theories about them, take a look at their theories and at last apply them.

The key is to essentially think about the situations which can be magnified by not doing one thing and doing the exact opposite. Such as eating a double cheeseburger as an alternative of going on a run, that hits you tougher than merely not consuming and not happening a run and say watching a TV present. Or like my example earlier, choosing to go spend cash as a substitute of earning cash, which multiplies or magnifies the consequence.