Deutsche Boerse CEO Seeks End To Insider Trading Probe

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Passing on info, whether or not it is a tip about an impending merger or quarterly earnings, is one of the best things to do, insider trading specialists said. That could possibly be why insider trading is very pernicious. Since 1994, the Securities and Exchange Commission has taken action in roughly 800 insider buying and selling cases.

Blodget first attracted public attention in December, 1998. At the time, most analysts have been focussing on Amazon’s lack of profits; Blodget analyzed the corporate’s swift income progress and projected its enlargement for the following 5 years, predicting that its stock value would leap from 200 and forty dollars to four hundred dollars a share. Jonathan Cohen, Merrill Lynch’s Internet analyst, disparaged the forecast, but within a month Amazon’s share value had exceeded five hundred dollars. Requests for Blodget press interviews poured in.

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